Reach Over 60,000 unique viewers PER MONTH
with an exciting and dynamic video for less than half
of what you'd typically pay for a static, 1/4-page print ad.

What can targeted advertising do for you?

Connect you directly to high-potential customers who are ready to buy.
The Lake Tahoe Visitor Network(TM) hits the bulls eye with high-frequency messages aimed at the constantly revolving visitor market. The network is dedicated to serving Truckee-Tahoe visitors and local businesses. SVTV and TTTV add value to guests' experiences; that's why the channels are actively promoted by lodging properties [See locations]. When guests check in, they are directed to the house channel for information they want and need to fully enjoy their time in the region.

Lift your business above the clutter of typical tourism advertising.
Visitors buy what they like and they like what they see in the privacy and comfort of their hotel, motel, or resort room. And the audience changes daily as a constant flow of people check in. Video is the viewer population. Although SVTV and TTTV are relatively new to the Truckee-Tahoe Region, the network is based on proven models of narrowcast, guest information channels at other resort destinations including Whistler B.C., Vail, Maui, California's Central Coast, San Diego, Napa, and Las Vegas.

Give your business instant "reach" - to where others can't.
With a single decision to participate on the Lake Tahoe Visitor Network™, advertisers gain guaranteed access to all the network properties and all the associated guests in over 3,000 rooms, condos, and homes. See the properties listed here. Local cable advertising, which has been the only option for years, simply does not reach most of these properties.

Of the 2400+ rooms, homes and condos the Lake Tahoe Visitor Network™ reaches, only half receive local cable signals.

And other media, including pick-up-at-random brochures and magazines, have small print runs, limited distribution, and low frequency, with a higher cost (see chart below).

Media Comparison Chart

Distinguish your sales message by using the power of video.
Video has been for the big guys on broadcast television...until now. Narrowcasting technology and the Web have changed dramatically changed the picture in two short years. SVTV and TTTV, which are visitor-centric channels, mean any Truckee-Tahoe business can play in the big leagues to reach the 1.5 million visitors a year to the region. Click here to see examples of business videos already in use. In addition, you can read testimonials from our network clients and the property managers who are part of the Lake Tahoe Visitor Network™.


A variety of high-frequency, affordable, targeted and effective advertising and sponsorship packages are available.

For more information about how the Lake Tahoe Visitor Network can benefit your business, and a free consultation on how video can be effective for your business, contact us now!




The Lake Tahoe Visitor Network™ Provides:

A Targeted, Desirable, Ever-Changing Audience
You know you are reaching your target! Your ad segment is created and distributed exclusively for tourists, visitors, and business travelers. These people are primed and ready for information about where to spend their money while here.

High Frequency, Ongoing Exposure
Your ad or video segment will air a minimum of once every 90 minutes, 24 hours a day. For channel sponsors and banner advertisers, your message can be seen as frequent as 120 times per day!

Professional Quality Production
Our production team has over thirty years of combined experience in video and film production, in broadcast television, films, online content, and beyond. Your video segment will be professionally produced to your satisfaction in an appealing, enticing 'short film' style that presents your business and tells your story the way you want to. Our production team will work closely with you and your staff to develop a script, identify the style of production, and plan the shoot dates. In post-production, we use the state-of-the-art digital editing systems to cut your segment, professional voice over talent, original or custom-designed music, and more to make your video something you'll be proud of and that will have value for years to come.

Added Long Term Value...The Power of WEB Video
In addition to the targeted exposure your business receives on the channel, your video segment will be custom-formatted for web video playback, to be viewed anytime, from anywhere, on your website, other sites, and also on the Lake Visitor Network of sites, including



For more information about how the Lake Tahoe Visitor Network can benefit your business, contact:
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